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The Transfer Station seeks a helper for app 4 hrs each Saturday for 6 weeks, a total of app 24 hours. Please email Recycling Coordinator Wendy Toman at or call the Transfer Station ... 845-255-9775. Hard work and a belief in the benefits of recycling are a must.

Last Updated Sept 18

The Gardiner Senior Resource Committee proudly announces SENIOR EXPO “PROMOTING INDEPENDENCE”
At the Gardiner Town Hall on September 23 from 2-4 PM. Representatives from Ulster County Office for the Aging, NY connects, RSVP, Jewish Family Service, Alzheimer’s Association, Rose Women’s Center, the Resource center for Accessible Living, and the Gardiner Library will all be there. In addition the Gardiner Town Assessor and an elder attorney will be answering questions. There will also be Bone Density testing and Blood Pressure measuring available. All seniors, caregivers, and those approaching senior status should attend.

Shawangunk Valley Fire District Legal Notice of Public Hearing on the 2015 Budget.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Proposed 2015 Budget of the Shawangunk Valley Fire District of the Towns of Gardiner and Shawangunk, State of New York has been provided to the Budget Officers of the Towns of Gardiner and Shawangunk, and; A PUBLIC HEARING will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Shawangunk Valley Firehouse, 2150 Bruynswick Road, Wallkill, NY  12589, in the Town of Shawangunk, State of New York on the 21st day of October 2014.

Pursuant to Town Law §105, the Board of Fire Commissioners must hold a public hearing on the budget, make the proposed budget available to the public prior to the public hearing, allow the public to comment on the budget at the public hearing. This public hearing must be held to allow maximum public participation in the hearing. The purpose of the public hearing is to allow any person to be heard in favor of or against the proposed budget as it is submitted, or for or against any item or items contained in the proposed budget, and hearing all persons interested in the subject concerning same. That a copy of the proposed budget is available at the Office of the Town Clerks of the Towns of Gardiner, Town Hall, 2340 Route 44-55, Gardiner, NY  12525 and Shawangunk, Town Hall, Central Avenue, Wallkill, NY  12589 where it may be inspected by any interested person during their respective office hours and at the Shawangunk Valley Fire House at 2150 Bruynswick Road, Wallkill, NY  12589 where it may be inspected by any interested person on Tuesday, October 14th,  2014 between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.   Should any interested person want to receive a copy of the proposed budget, please call Fire District Secretary/Treasurer Roger Rascoe at (845) 895-2600. Dated: September 18, 2014 Board of Fire Commissioners Shawangunk Valley Fire District 2150 Bruynswick Road Wallkill, NY  12589 Roger Rascoe, Secretary/Treasurer

2014 Voter Registration and Absentee Voter Cut Off Dates
General Election, Tuesday November 4th:
New Voter Registration Cut Off October 10th – Last day to postmark or register in person at the BOE
Absentee Voter Application Cut Off:
October 28th, Last day to postmark an application
November 3rd, Last day to apply in person at the BOE
Ballot must be postmarked by November 3rd
November 4th, Last Day to hand deliver the voted ballot to the BOE

NOTE:  Any Change in Enrollment for Voters is not effective until January 1st of the next year. Change in enrollment must be done by the Voter Registration Cut Off
Ulster County Board of Elections
284 Wall Street, Kingston, NY  12401
(845) 334-5470, email:

No Construction and Demolition Debris will be accepted at the Gardiner Transfer Station Beginning June 1
The Town Board has determined that it is impossible to accurately calculate the weight, volume and subsequent price of construction and demolition debris brought to the Gardiner Transfer Station. Therefore, the Gardiner Transfer Station will no longer accept Construction & Demolition material beginning June 1. Homeowners will be permitted one large contractor bag or one garbage can with debris per trip for $6.00 per bag or can. No loose debris will be accepted. Following the trend of other towns in similar positions, residents will be encouraged to bring construction material to UCRRA's New Paltz depot where they are better equipped to receive this material and where better prices are offered. Commercial C&D should be brought to UCRRA on Clearwater Road in New Paltz located near the ball field, BMX track, and the New Paltz Transfer Station

New Pricing and Guidelines for Transfer Station
Click here to view the new pricing and guidelines for the Transfer and Recycling Station

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